A voice of reason for all citizens of South Africa
All South Africans should be proud to learn the Declaration of Allegiance to our country and countrymen alike:
I pledge allegiance to the Republic of South Africa, to uphold and protect The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the rights enshrined in our Bill of Rights in everything I do. I am part of this nation which will stand unified with freedom and justice for all.

The Purposes of CMOSA are:

1. The Civic Movement of South Africa (CMOSA) knows and acknowledges that there needs to be a healthy relationship between the citizenry of South Africa and its government.

2. We emphatically insist that the premise upon which government operates will be the country’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, with the best interests of the country and all of its people, united in their diversity, placed ahead of all else.

3. The Civic Movement of South Africa will de-politicize the functions of State to eradicate preference and focus on service to all South Africans to ensure that the State and all its associations focus on being people-centric in a united South Africa. It will take the principle of ‘Batho Pele” to its truest application. In other words, where the people of South Africa take centre stage.

4. South Africa is a Constitutional Democracy with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights in which the values of our Republic are enshrined. Our Bill of Rights is derived in part from the popular and famous Freedom Charter. The rights, needs and aspirations enshrined in these documents must be jealously protected and enhanced at all times, since they reflect the views and opinions of society across the political, cultural, racial, and gender divides.

5. We believe in a free and democratic society with due consideration for the challenges that face South Africa. To this end there needs to be a tiered approach to our economy that allows for the establishment of enterprises that are based on the abilities and needs of communities, that create work and allow for the skilling/ up-skilling of citizens, thus enabling South Africans to earn an income simultaneously, get integrated into enterprises as they become established and which allow for such employee citizens to subsequently enter into the mainstream economy.

6. We encourage all South Africans to imagine a country that functions properly and what this will take to achieve. We encourage all South Africans to reflect on how our divisive past as failed us and undertake to UNITE South Africans and embark on a road free from the fetters of political entanglement. If we accept one another just as we are – then we have already embarked on the road to healing and our future will be what we make of it together.

The Views and Undertakings of CMOSA are:

Should CMOSA come to governance, through the mandate received from you, our South African electorate, CMOSA will institute the following:

1. Ensure that no political party, organisation or structure, tampers with the country's Constitution except in the case where such a need has been factually identified and which will be through a referendum to ensure that it carries the sanction of all South African citizens who have attained voter rights.

2. That no political party, organisation or individual, will be allowed to tamper with Bill of Rights as contained in the Constitution, unless a factual need for such changes has been identified and which will be through a referendum to ensure that it carries the sanction of all South African citizens who have attained voter rights. The South Africa Bill of Rights must always mirror, at least, the International Human Rights Charter.

3. Create forums that will look at and if necessary review the effectiveness of government policies and to amend or replace those that are redundant.

4. Amend the Electoral Act to do away with the proportional party system and replace it with a mixed system that will include a constituency-based system ensuring that public representatives account and report fully to the constituencies they represent.

5. To create forums consisting of experts in the fields of Economics, Education, Environmental preservation, etc. in order for such forums to bring initiative that will allow the country’s economy to be turned around in such a way that our economic activity results not only in the growth of the economy but that such growth inevitably leads to mass employment, eradication of poverty and inequality and the creation of a meaningful better life for all our people with due consideration for the responsible preservation of our natural environment, for without our Mother Earth, we have nothing.

6. To reduce the bloated ministerial cabinet which has led to a waste of much needed financial resources.

7. To build necessary infrastructure such as roads, schools, clinics and other necessary amenities, especially within rural areas, to ensure that no community is denied the basic facilities and services that will improve their lives.

8. To ensure that South Africans with disabilities are effectively included in the economic activity of the country. All new buildings and other public infrastructure must obligatorily consider issues of access by people living with disabilities.

9. To drastically reduce some of the powers of the country's President and place such powers within Parliament, which should represent the will of the people. The appointment of Heads of institutions such as the NDPP, Public Protector, Chief Justice, Boards and executive Management of SOEs, amongst others, will require more professional processes with little influence from the Executive and political parties.

10. To commission a high-powered panel of experts to look into our state institutions, including SOEs, with a view to 1) strengthening existing checks and balances and, 2) introducing new ones to ensure that no one ever gets to capture our government and state institutions again.

11. +CMOSA believes that in an environment of honesty, our government will naturally be transparent which will allow for the healthy participation of citizens. Better informed (through easier access to information), citizens will be better positioned to apply themselves to challenges and options facing the country, engage together and creates an environment of understanding. Key to the dissemination of this information will be through the community based elected civic organisations.

12. CMOSA will apply a mean of excellence and that tardiness and mediocrity will not be tolerated. We aim to achieve this by empowering the citizens of communities in South Africa through their associated civic organisation. Even to the regional level, Municipalities will be required to consult with and engage with their civic organisation on all matters which include service delivery and seek to bring to each cost-effective living standards. The bloating of municipalities and other regional and provincial entities will cease, to benefit communities directly.

13. CMOSA aims to focus on income generating activity. The social assistance component of our country will be decreased over time as our society becomes self-sustainable and able to compete in the international market.

Localised Civic Organisations:

1. The beneficiaries of any government development and maintenance are to be the citizens within each community first and foremost. Communities would be encouraged to establish themselves into civic organisations through voluntary association, office bearer of which would be elected through the members of the community in a democratic process. Such formations could be made up of a number of towns, suburbs, or interest groups so that the communities in question have a structure through which all the people in that community can express, agree and determine the needs, priorities and improvements to their common interest, identify enablers and facilitators and allocate people with relevant skills to assist in the implementation of a particular project, development or maintenance activity to further service delivery to the people by the people.

2. The Treasury will develop a budget for each civic organisation based on a collective tax-based contribution of that community. Each State department will be informed as to the annual budgetary allocation to civic organisations and work in consultation with each civic organisation as it may be required or each civic organisation will make application annually to their local municipality for the realisation of their approved activity, as the case may be.

3. Should there be no capacity for such skill within communities, these civic organisations thus formed will be able to seek consultative experience that empowers each community to gain the skill necessary to implement their project, development or maintenance. Only upon agreement and with due consideration for budgetary constraints will communities through their civic organisation be allowed to contract work from other sources.

4. Furthermore, a civic organisation will be able to assist another civic organisation financially through sharing of their budgetary allocation and which will bring additional skill to each needy community to realise UBUNTU and BATHO PELE in South Africa.

5. For each councillor elected to stand in their respective Wards, elected by their Civic Organisation under the banner of CMOSA for the elections, and should a CMOSA majority result therefrom, the Civic Organisations of that area will, in unison, gain representation to their Municipality. All Executive and Administration functions to the Metropolitan, District or Local Municipality (as the case maybe) will emanate from these Civic Organisations.

A Paradigm Shift in Thinking how South Africans are Governed:

1. South Africa has seen governance models that are based on majority rule, we have had Apartheid in the past and just recently, Capturism - both are failed forms of governance. Majority rule in South Africa, based on political promises does not work.

2. CMOSA believes that the essential purpose of governance, which is service delivery to all the people of South Africa, is denied to us because political parties dictate ideologies we’re expected to buy with our votes. Experience has shown that once elected into office, political powers in the current dispensation tend to focus only on their own interests, not those of the people of South Africa.

3. CMOSA will make it possible for you to determine your localised policy, so that the service delivery that is brought to you, benefits you, based on your collective needs and priorities, which means that you will sanction with your vote that CMOSA deliver according to your needs. THIS WOULD BE THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA that the people will take direct control of their destiny.

4. CMOSA will ensure that where governments have failed in the past, powers given to citizens through their constituencies is enhanced to ensure more accountability to citizens.

5. CMOSA introduces a PARADIGM SHIFT in how we, South Africans, shall govern, to the ordinary citizens, to have a voice that is brought to the Parliamentary level continuously and unwaveringly to defend the rights of South Africans. Our approach is people first which governs from the bottom up so that ordinary citizens stand to benefit not only from government activity but that policy and procedure are brought to make South Africa a place to live, work and play, conduct business and advance our lives in peace and security.

6. CMOSA proposes the formation of a network of cellular communities, right across South Africa bonded together through their common cause that will be enabled to establish education, skills transference and enterprise in the interests of all South Africans.

7. CMOSA will depoliticize the South African landscape to enable citizens to retain their South African identity free of any politically abusive practices, and allow all South Africans to take the centre stage and regain their dignity.

The Intentions of CMOSA are:

1. CMOSA will listen at all times to the needs and desires of communities to bring direct and sustainable improvement and relief to the people of South Africa. In other words, the position of power will be from the bottom upward – citizens, through their respective civic organisations, will tell government what their needs are and, based on this information, government will apply itself with due cognisance for our national interest and our natural environment.

2. All South Africans between the ages of 19 and 21 (inclusive) who do not qualify for admittance to a centre of higher learning, will be required to enter into either military service or a public service programme in order to introduce them to the work ethic where factors such as respect, discipline, awareness of our united culture and the environment of our newly forged united nation will be shared and based on truthful, factual realities related to our South African environment and will not be based on any political agenda. This will be implemented to allow our youth to find a niche in which they are able to grow. Each and every State Department will be required to devise a programme that will provide for admittance and the course that these young citizens will follow which may or may not include artisan programmes.

3. Under CMOSA, all organs of State, provincial and regional entities, as well as civic organisations that are established to serve the people, will be compelled to be accountable to and held accountable by the people.

4. Accountability will include the responsible and fair allocation of funding and salary increases for government employees, including elected politicians. CMOSA believes that excessive incentive to earn extra-ordinary government salaries lays the foundation for distraction from the main purpose of service delivery to South Africans. It will further prohibit private enterprise engagement from politician and place scrutiny on family members and close friends of politicians involved in private enterprises that do business with government. This will be done to reduce and eliminate potential for conflict of interest involving politicians.

5. All salaries paid will be based on equality and NO gender discrimination will be allowed in the application of remuneration for any position offered to any person, whether within Government or the Private Sector.

6. All people will be EQUAL under the law of South Africa.

7. By de-politicizing our society and focusing on the needs and desires of people, ordinary people who collectively have been bereft of the chance to shine and grow, South Africans can apply themselves to a myriad of issues which include the allocation of employment and land, address food security, cost of living, earnings, housing, education, health, safety, basic medical care, service delivery, preservation of our natural environment and a stable political environment. If we as South Africans accept that it is our collective will to ensure our prosperity and that teamwork between citizens and government is essential to growth, we will have paved the way for our recovery, far quicker than anyone of us would have possibly imagined.

8. CMOSA will forge an environment that encourages respect among all the citizens of South Africa toward one another, having due consideration for the destructive nature that disrespect has brought to our society on many and varied levels of our engagement. All South Africans will be equal, irrespective of the race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or gender. The rule of law will be implemented without fear or favour to allow our citizens the opportunity to live in an environment of safety, stability and able to express true freedom as we take up the responsibility to express our desire for prosperity of our South African nation and all its citizens.