Sydney Letoaba
Carien De Villiers
Lukhele George
Lorraine A Davies
Caroline Van Saasen


These individuals came together through interacting on social media where groups were formed specifically to look for solutions that would address the challenges that we currently face as a country.

From this interaction emerged the recognition of the primal cause of the problem as the approach to governance by the current ruling political party, that is, the ANC and the most practical manner to address this problem in an effort to get South Africa back to where it belongs amongst the best developing countries in the world.

We believe that all South Africans are important and that without our people, there would be no South Africa.

All South Africans should be proud to learn the Declaration of Allegiance to our country and countrymen alike:
I pledge allegiance to the Republic of South Africa, to uphold and protect The Constitution of South Africa, wherever duty calls upon me to do so. I am part of this nation which will stand unified with freedom and justice for all.