Sydney was born in Alexandra. He then went to study at the University of Zululand and workded for companies in different positions as a HR Manager and part time Lecturer. He served Ekhurhuleni Municipality in different departments such as Economics and Development, Housing and MPAC (Municipal Public Accounts Committee). He has been involved in civic politics since the 1990's as a member of SANCO before the unbanning of the ANC, which has taught him a lot of the internal politics of a political party. Hence his adopting a different path into a Civic Movement as his concern is still if not nore so for the citizens, where he can make a difference.


Carien was born in Bloemfontein and moved to Witbank where you will still find her. She is a mother first, and then a pure bred South African with an absolute love for our country and a passion for its citizens. She's a dedicated activist who strives for nation building, total inclusiveness and equality on all levels, she is a Financial Vroker by trade. Like the rest of CMOSA she celebrates our rich, colourful diversities as a nation and fights for racial harmony, cultural interactions and social cohesion between our different communities.


Pinkie is from the Eastern Cape, she is very passionate about our country, and would like to see us living together in harmony, while appreciating our diversity as that is what makes us so very special. Pinkie is a proud mother and has a love for our countryside, especially, farming land and she has a deep passion for our food producing farmers.


Bilkish hails from KwaZulu Natal, she is also an activist and would love to see all people living in South Africa treated with dignity and respect. She is a proud mum to a 4 year old boy and loves spending time with him. She is a humble down to earth person who is passionate about helping others. She believes when we are able to help people we should do so without hesitation or expectancy of something in return.


Natalie grew up in South Africa and now represents Civic Movement of South Africa in Canada. She is an activist fighting against crimes and murders in South Africa, representing all people and victims of crime. She regularly communicates with The Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, Foreign Affairs Minister as well as the opposition Parties in Canada to make them aware of the situation in South Africa.


Pamela was born in the Eastern Cape in Monte Frere, in a rural area called Mandileni where she still resides. She would like to see change in the rural areas, including, but not limited to Basic Services, Infrastructure, Libraries, Banks, Roads, etc. She is passionate about young and elderly people and would like to leave a strong and growing economy for all children who still have to be educated, work and survive in our beautiful country for their current and future legacy.


John was born and went to school in Johannesburg. After he got an internship at Southern Suns as a chef, he worked for 18 years in the industry and worked his way to the top. He was retrenched and 2 years later he was shot in a robbery while working part time; contract work and Pizza deliveries. In 2009 he started a shuttle service which he is still doing. John's motto is "adding value is making contributions to society".

All South Africans should be proud to learn the Declaration of Allegiance to our country and countrymen alike:

I pledge allegiance to the Republic of South Africa, to uphold and protect The Constitution of South Africa, wherever duty calls upon me to do so. I am part of this nation which will stand unified with freedom and justice for all.