CMOSA Manifesto:

All South Africans should be proud to learn the Declaration of Allegiance to our country and countrymen alike:
I pledge allegiance to the Republic of South Africa, to uphold and protect The Constitution of South Africa, wherever duty calls upon me to do so. I am part of this nation which will stand unified with freedom and justice for all.

South Africa is a Constitutional Democracy with a Constitution within which is enshrined a Bill of Right. Such a Bill of Rights is derived from the popular and famous Freedom Charter. It is these rights, needs and aspirations that need to be jealously guarded and protected at all times since they reflect the views and opinions of society across the political, cultural, racial, gender divides.

In South Africa there is a huge gap between political parties (more so with the ruling party) and the nation. And that gap is growing with rapid pace!

Factors like corruption, in house factions, political power plays, etc. are not serving all the people of South Africa. Civic structures provide a focus for voluntary and community action to improve the places where people live, work and relax. Furthermore, Civic structures will lay down the importance of these placed with government, the media and business entities.

CMOSA promotes the best of our past heritage, and also what is developed for our future as an all-inclusive South Africa. We are holistically focused on the needs of all communities, including cities, suburbs, towns and rural areas.

We will be outspoken, stubborn, forceful and provocative to make sure the needs of the people are met on levels like Education, Service Deliveries, Health, Economics, Safety, Anti-corruption, Employment, Social Needs, Equality, as well as income generating activity for communities to benefit from directly, etc.

South Africa needs to think, reconsider and widen their horizons beyond political parties. CMOSA is committed to supporting & developing the sense of identity and belonging which comes from positive experience and a deep love for South Africa and its citizens.

It is therefore in this regard and respect that CMOSA promises the following:

To ensure that no political party, organisation or structure, tampers with the country's Constitution except in the case where such a need has been factually identified.

That no political party, organisation or individuals, will be allowed to tamper with Bill of Rights as contained in the Constitution, unless factual need for such changes has been identified.

To create forums that will look and review the effectiveness of the current government policies and to amend replace those that are redundant, especially the education policy as an example.

To amend the Electoral Act in such a way that it does away with the proportional party system and replaces it with a constituency-based system that will ensure that public representative account and report fully to the constituencies they represent.

To create forums consisting of experts in the fields such as Economics in order for such forums to look at how the economy of the country can be turned around in such a way that such a turnaround results not only in the growth of the economy but that such growth inevitably leads to mass employment, eradication of poverty and inequality and the creation of a meaningful better life for all our people.

To reduce the bloated ministerial cabinet that leads to a waste of much needed financial resources.

To build the necessary infrastructure such as roads, schools, clinics and other necessary amenities, especially within the rural areas, to ensure that no community is denied the basic facilities and services that will improve their lives.

To ensure that those of our people with disabilities, are also included in the economic activities of the country.

To drastically reduce some of the powers of the country's President no matter who he/she is and place such powers within Parliament.

CMOSA will also listen to the people on the ground. It is true that the people of South Africa know more about what is going on in our communities that those who are placed in high ranking political positions. These people are never really heard. Their common sense and logic is often ignored, a truly sad state of affairs.

Already we have had input from our communities that make substantial logical contribution to increase service delivery and reduce costs, but more importantly to help make South Africa function in the interests of the people. We will give South Africans the ability to shape their own destiny.

An exciting period of peace and work and prosperity awaits South Africans under the banner of CMOSA.

CMOSA humbly requests your support and promotion of this paradigm shift in thinking of how we live and how we consider our politics.

We can rebuild and maintain our amazing country together and create a brilliant future for our children!