Mission and Vision Statement

Mission and Vision Statement

All South Africans should be proud to learn the Declaration of Allegiance to our country and countrymen alike: I pledge allegiance to the Republic of South Africa, to uphold and protect The Constitution of South Africa, wherever duty calls upon me to do so. I am part of this nation which will stand unified with freedom and justice for all.

- We encourage integrity, respect and love as we embrace one another and take our responsibility to collaborate as a united South Africa, where each of us, our communities and our country can prosper.

- CMOSA has been formed to promote and facilitate that from now onward, every single South African is ensured that their basic needs are addressed, that each South African regains their dignity so that all South Africans can take pride in their families and enjoy the opportunity to look after their families both young and old in an environment that promotes happiness.

- The Future of South Africa - For South Africans - By South Africans – CMOSA IS THE VOICE OF REASON FOR ALL ITS CITIZENS.

CMOSA - Core values:
We ascribe to the HEART Principles, which are:
- Honesty
- Excellence
- Accountability
- Respect
- Teamwork